YELLOW HAWK CUSTOMS OUTDOORS - Custom Kydex Sheath Makers/ Knife Designers

Every Sheath System we create, is designed/built out of a comprehensive Special Operations, and Outdoor Adventure Backround. 

YHCO - Company Cell phone # 443- 315- 6033. Please text First if u are able.

Yellow Hawk Customs Outdoors

* We do not simply "make" kydex sheaths, alot of companies do that. Rather we BUILD- Military and Wilderness Grade Custom Kydex Sheath Systems. If we may, Sheath Systems you simply cannot get anywhere else. Please, feel free to compare.

Our Custom, one of a kind sheath systems greatly enhance your experience, as well as your abilities in the backcountry. As well, you are the boss when it comes to what you want built into your custom system. All of our utilitarian options are well tested, and function long term. Or, we would not use them. 

* Our sheath systems are designed/built out of a comprehensive U.S. Army Special Operations backround, as well as many years of sharing wilderness living and survival skills instruction with both soldiers and civilians. Not too mention, nearly 20 years of building some of the toughest but lightest, most utilitarian, and highest quality custom kydex sheath systems on the market.

Our systems, options, designs and materials are continually being tested behind the scenes by a variety of avid outdoorsmen, bushcrafters, U.S. Military Veterans- Special Ops, and conventional soldiers. Our "testers" furnish us with up to date real world feedback on the effectiveness of our ever evolving Military/Wilderness Grade Custom Sheath Systems. The latest design features/options to come out of this testing Regimine is our versatile-Fenix E05 Hawklight assembly, (see photo at right) our fine diamond rod field-sharpening system, and our full grain leather over kydex feature (YHCO- Leather Elite Series). You can also take the high quality leather belt loop off of your dangler and use it as an effective field strop . We can even load it up with your favorite stropping compound!!  

Yellow Hawk Customs is one of, if not THE MOST TRUSTED NAME in Custom Kydex Sheath Systems. We are one of the most reviewed custom kydex sheath builders on youtube and other social media outlets/venues

Just do a bit of investigating on the net, and you will find that our Name is one of the most trusted in the industry, with many years of experience. We are one of those companies that "under promises, and over delivers".  We often have clients that request we replace their current custom kydex sheath/s. So, we have to be at the very top of our game. Our clients demand nothing less than THE BEST. You will pay a bit more for our custom sheath systems, however, top quality, utmost utility, well tested designs/options, and bombproofness, is not easy to come by. Nor is it cheap to produce. However, we do have more budget friendly options if you desire. Please ask about it.  Lastly, lets be honest. Who would you rather have build your custom sheath? A computer programmer or insurance salesman who has only been doing it part time for a few years because he needs some extra money, or a U.S. Army Special Operations Veteran who does this full time. There are good reasons why our custom work is so highly sought after. Please take some time to check it out , and campare for yourself.  In fact, we encourage it.  Because we think you will be back. Besides, who else would be willing to give up his cell phone number, so your experience is as convenient and hassle free as possible.  Doug W. #443-315-6033. This alone saves so much time.  Texting is best.